Converting RS 7000 Midi Files

Älteres Equipment, wie z. B. die Yamaha RS7000 speichern Midi-Daten häufig noch im SMF0-Format ab. Das kann bei dem Einlesen der Midi-Files in ein aktuelles modernes Programm zu Problemen führen.

Geile Orgelsounds mit dem Kawai K1 erstellen

Der Vintage Synth Kawai K1 eignet sich ganz hervorragend für tolle Orgel-Sounds. Ein Rezept hierzu wäre: Drei gleiche Single Orgelsounds in einem Mulitpatch layern Ein Single wird etwas nach oben

Got a K1 for playing around

I just got a Kawai K1 in pretty good shape for a bargain. Still checking the various factory sounds provided by Kawai. It is a pretty decent machine for lo-fi, as they say :) What I can say is, that

Recording external arpeggiators

The built-in arp of the Electribe 2 lacks many features. Some say it is not an arp, than it's a joke. Anyway, if you have more tools at hand, you can easily record fance arp-lines into the E2 at take

Refurbishing the Yamaha RS-7000

When I got my RS7K it was in pretty bad condition. Full of dust inside, wonky knobs and encoders, most of the buttons not working on the first hit. So I decided to give my RS an complete overhaul. So

FM like bass sounds on Electribe 2

FM-like BASS-sounds on the Electribe 2 The E2 has many different oscillator types. A couple of them a very suited to create FM sounds in general and FM bass sounds in special. Useful oscillators can

Soloing Parts

To solo a part while the Electribe 2 is running press [PART MUTE] twice.

Unmute/Unsolo all Parts

To unmute or unsolo all parts in the active pattern there is a nice shortcut: By pressing [SHIFT]+[MUTE PARTS] all parts are unmuted and unsoloed.