Refurbishing the Yamaha RS-7000

When I got my RS7K it was in pretty bad condition. Full of dust inside, wonky knobs and encoders, most of the buttons not working on the first hit.

So I decided to give my RS an complete overhaul. So far the plan is as:

  • Replacing all knobs
  • Replacing all encoders
  • Check for faulty caps and replace them if needed
  • max out the sampling memory to 64 MB
  • add an internal SCSI-2-SD-Card Adapter as an hard drive replacement
  • (optional) replace some LEDs with different Colors
  • (optional) replacing the red 7 segement display with a white one.
  • (optional) getting a new front plate labeling from Slick..., but this would be a repaint / spray job as well

I'll keep you updated.